Poitiers University Foundation

Poitiers University Foundation is the sponsorship operator of University of Poitiers. It has officially been launched in 2009 by 25 founders : companies, private individuals, local and regional authorities and professional organizations.

The Foundation’s goal, as defined by the University, is to strengthen links with the professional world for the benefit of students, graduates, teachers and researchers.

Scopes of action

Thanks to the donations collected among its partners, Poitiers University Foundation helps a broad range of projects, within three scopes of action :

Entrepreneurship and inventiveness

  • Support and promote Research
  • Strengthen the links between companies and university students
  • Encourage students and researchers starting a business
  • Promote the development of innovative pedagogical practices

Territorial and international presence

  • Develop partnerships within the territory in Angoulême, Niort and Poitiers
  • Reinforce the international cooperation
  • Support mobility of University community and PhD students

Human values at the core of University

  • Facilitate access to University to all, and in particular for students with disabilities or special needs
  • Promote well-being at work and during the studies
  • Give priority to the Sustainable Development inside University community
  • Encourage the development of a Network of graduates

Key figures

  • 5+

    million € of contribution

    since 2009

  • 60+


    Companies, private individuals, local and regional authorities and professional organizations

  • 300


    funded since 2009

  • 12

    scholarship programs

  • 1000+

    individual scholarships

    in an amount of 1 million €

  • 12000


    registered in the Network of graduates

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